Massive action cures my greatest challenges

Dated: November 28 2020

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When I am faced with a challenge, I immediately consider what I can do to address that challenge. I understand that taking action is the solution to every challenge that is within my ability to influence.

I look for solutions and then apply them enthusiastically. I know that big challenges require that I expend time and energy to overcome them. I spend that time and energy on action.

My thoughts are useful for finding a solution. Then, it is time to get busy and apply that solution.

I avoid worrying. Worrying is an ineffective course of action. My mood and mindset deteriorate when I worry.

My ability to take action and to think clearly is diminished when I worry. Worrying only makes me less capable and fails to create a solution. I reject worrying as a strategy.

Action creates results. The better my actions, the better my results. The more diligent I am in taking action, the faster my challenges are overcome. Action is the key when I am facing a significant challenge.

Today, I set worry aside. I refuse to waste one moment distracting myself from actually resolving my challenges. I am committed to determining the best course of action and then taking that action. I use massive action to solve the greatest challenges in my life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is the greatest challenge in my life? How did this happen?

2. What is the best course of action I can take? What am I doing each day to take that course of action?

3. How much of my time and energy do I spend on worry? What benefit do I gain from worrying?

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Nakia Evans

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